Free Cash Flow Factor Exploring Strong and Sustainable Profitability
Free Cash Flow Profitability Solutions for a Challenging Allocation Environment
With more than half of the S&P500 constituents now in a bear market (down >20% from 252-day high), investors are being more selective and vigilant with their allocation decisions. At FCF Advisors, we offer a suite of investment solutions to fit your allocation need...
Why we have NEVER owned NFLX and why we are not likely to be buying it anytime soon
At FCF Advisors our active quantitative investment process screens for companies with strong and sustainable profitability.
A Better Approach for Quality Factor Exposure
FCF US Quality strategy takes a quantitative active approach to quality factor investing. In this paper we conduct case studies that illustrate and expose some of the drawbacks embedded in the MSCI USA Sector Neutral Quality Index, and how we seek to improve upon them. Th...
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