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FCF Advisors is a leader in free cash flow investment strategies

No one else analyzes companies like we do

The TrimTabs name has always been associated with the highest quality research and analysis.

TrimTabs Investment Research (which was sold to Informa in 2017) continues to lead the way in equity liquidity analysis.

FCF Advisors (which was launched as TrimTabs Asset Management in 2011) is the home for all of our free cash flow-based strategies and research.


Minority investment from a family office facilitates TrimTabs Asset Management spinning out from TrimTabs Investment Research

Multi-factor investing model built around shares reduction, free cash flow growth and change in leverage

Sub-advises AdvisorShares’ TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)


Family office investor purchases majority stake in TrimTabs Asset Management

Expands research function and enhances investment strategy with multi-factor model rebuilt to focus more completely on free cash flow profitability

Significant investments made into product development


US free cash flow ETF (TTAC) launched (renamed Free Cash Flow Quality ETF in Dec 2020)

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) made available to investors


International free cash flow ETF (TTAI) launched (renamed International Free Cash Flow Quality ETF in Dec 2020)


TrimTabs Quality Model (TTQM) consolidates our further free cash flow research into a refined multi-factor model with the focus on identifying companies with strong and sustainable profitability


TTAM Index (Free Cash Flow Index Provider) launches


Ex-Goldman Sachs Partner Bob Shea joins as CEO

TTAM Index secures first client


TTAM renamed to FCF Advisors and TrimTabs Quality Model (TTQM) renamed to Free Cash Flow Quality Model (FCFQM)

Whether you choose to access our expertise through ETFs, SMAs, indexes or models , FCF Advisors helps you slice through unreliable earnings data to get at the core predictors of future company success: factors built around free cash flow analysis.

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FCF Funds
What we do
We leverage the free cash flow-based FCF Quality Model (FCFQM) to spotlight “quality” companies with the greatest chance of delivering market-beating returns to investors.
These companies tend to have very high environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores.
The outputs from the FCFQM analysis are used to develop and manage a broad range of investment solutions.
A unique suite of products

The depth and rigor of our intellectual property results in a product suite that cannot be replicated, and which can be tailored to the exacting requirements of any investor.

Investors can access our portfolios as funds, separately managed accounts (SMAs), or through licensing or model delivery.

Built on the foundation of free cash flow analysis

Most company valuation models used by investors rely on company earnings as a key input, but earnings are not a reliable indicator of company performance.

The considerable latitude afforded to company management on how and when they recognise revenues and expenses can materially affect the outputs from these models.

Free cash flow is a far more reliable indicator of company performance. It is far less open to manipulation and has been shown over time to be a much stronger predicter of future company success.

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