The strength and sophistication of our infrastructure enables us to deliver exactly what you need.
If it doesn’t already exist, we can create it.

Powered by the FCF Quality Model (FCFQM)

Our model covers more than 15,000 global equities and our 50+ indices are all fully customizable. Everything is underpinned by our proprietary FCFQM.


Whatever your approach to investing, we can help you improve your outcomes by applying our free cash flow factors and models.

Global Equities

Explore the alpha potential of our FCF Quality global equity indexes


Employ FCFQM to enhance traditional value and growth investing


Refine factor investing with a combination of academic factors and our Free Cash Flow Quality factors


Access new thematic ideas that can be improved with FCFQM

Custom Strategy

Provide your investment idea and boost it with FCFQM

Access Our FCF Strategies

We use the outputs from our FCFQM to provide a broad array of investment solutions.

FCF Strategies

  • ETFs

  • SMAs

  • Index Licensing

  • Mutual Funds

  • Model Delivery

Current Offerings
FCF StrategiesWrapperCoverageInvestment Style
US QualityETF, SMAGlobal EquitiesActive Quantitative
International QualityETF, SMAGlobal EquitiesActive Quantitative
Risked Managed InnovationETFThematicInnovation
Real AssetETFThematicAlternative
Tactical High YieldETFClient StrategyFixed Income
Quality DividendSMAFactorDividend
US Small CapSMAFactorSize
US DefensiveSMAFactorDefensive
US InnovationSMAThematicInnovation
Ex-US InnovationSMAThematicInnovation
Sector Neutral DividendMutual Funds, SMA, Index LicensingClient StrategyCustom Factor Dividend
Sector Neutral MomentumMutual Funds, SMA, Index LicensingClient StrategyCustom Factor Momentum
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