It was a great pleasure to sit down with Matt McNulty, CFO of Ethan Allen Global, Inc., and deep-dive into the company’s strategic operations, competitive advantages, and potential challenges.

As a key holding in our FCF US Small Cap Quality Strategy, Ethan Allen Global, Inc., an iconic American furniture retailer, is actively shaping its future through savvy business operations and intelligent growth initiatives geared towards bolstering its long-term #FreeCashFlow.

Highlights from our discussion:

1. Ethan Allen’s cash flow is soaring, thanks to a strategic mix of consolidation and operational efficiency.

2. Its vertically integrated model, controlling 75% of its production, ensures cost control and quality.

3. A unique customer-centric approach has bolstered custom product sales amid increased interest in home decorations.

4. Despite the challenges, the company is on a growth path, aiming to convert free online services into paying ones.

5. With a sturdy balance sheet and an enticing 5.7% dividend yield, Ethan Allen projects confidence in its robust profitability.

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