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Free Cash Flow Factor Exploring Strong and Sustainable Profitability
Using Free Cash Flow to Uncover Real Quality
“Quality” is a tricky term to define. It can be associated with profitability, earnings consistency and growth, or balance sheet leverage, among other things, a fact that many management teams use to their advantage. But investors don’t have to rely on such ambiguous term...
FCF Advisors Factor Monitor
Free cash flow profitability outperformed the broader equity market in 2021 and has delivered superior returns over the long-term, as our fact sheet demonstrates. Click Here to Download Vince (Qijun) Chen, Director of Research, Connect with Vince on LinkedIn
The Power of Free Cash Flow
Our empirical research shows that free cash flow investing delivers numerous advantages over other investment styles, including superior returns and downside protection, and works across different sectors. Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers. Click Here to Downl...
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