The FCF Institute recently had an informative discussion with Matson Inc.’s Vice President of Finance, Lee Fishman, about the firm’s free cash flow performance.

As a key holding in FCF US Quality Strategy, Matson has been a leader in Pacific shipping since 1882, providing a vital lifeline to the economies of Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Micronesia and the South Pacific and premium. It expedited service from China to Southern California. Here are some key takeaways from our meeting:

1. Matson Inc.’s focus on operational excellence and strategic investments has been a key driver of their strong free cash flow performance.
2. The firm’s robust business model has enabled them to navigate through market uncertainties and deliver solid free cash flow.
3. Matson Inc.’s growth prospects include expanding its presence in the Pacific market and leveraging its logistics capabilities to capture new opportunities.

Matson is one of the best household product industry companies in our Free Cash Flow Quality Model #FCFQM, an alpha model to identify the company with strong and sustainable profitability that could potentially generate consistent excess returns.

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