Pei is a Portfolio Implementation Analyst at FCF Advisors, specializing in optimizing investment strategies. With a focus on maximizing transfer efficiency from model portfolios to actual investments, Pei excels in developing cutting-edge short-term trading models for improved market timing. She also provides valuable short-term trading signals to clients, enhancing their investment decisions. Pei’s expertise extends to alternative alpha research, where she explores tax alpha and contextual alpha, contributing to innovative strategies that benefit our clients.

Pei is pursuing her Master of Science in Mathematical Finance and Financial Technology from Boston University, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree with major in Statistics from Central South University and a Master’s degree with major in Financial Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shen Zhen).

Outside of her role, Pei Zhu is a multifaceted individual with a deep passion for music and the arts. She is a skilled singer, a graceful ballet dancer, and a talented pianist. Pei’s love for these artistic pursuits enriches her life, allowing her to find inspiration and balance beyond the world of finance.