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Free Cash Flow Factor Exploring Strong and Sustainable Profitability
$MATX-USA – Strong Market Presence and Advantage
The FCF Institute recently had an informative discussion with Matson Inc.'s Vice President of Finance, Lee Fishman, about the firm's free cash flow performance. As a key holding in FCF US Quality Strategy, Matson has been a leader in Pacific shipping since 1882, providin...
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$COST-USA – Stable Free Cash Flow Amid Challenges
The FCF Institute team had an informative conversation with Costco Wholesale's Financial Planning and Investor Relations AVP, Josh Dahmen, about the company's free cash flow performance. As a key holding in our US Defensive Equity Strategy, Costco is one of the larges...
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The FCF Reality Check: Why This Isn’t the Dawn of a New Market Cycle
In this research report, we challenge the prevailing narrative of a new market cycle in H1 2023. Our analysis reveals large-cap stocks outperforming their smaller counterparts, a deep inversion of the T10Y-T3M spread signaling potential economic contraction, and robust pe...
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