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Free Cash Flow Factor Exploring Strong and Sustainable Profitability
FCF Advisors Market Outlook 2024
Entering 2024, our market outlook is cautiously optimistic, underpinned by a nuanced understanding of the global financial landscape. In the U.S., the enduring strength of companies with substantial free cash flow (FCF) profitability continues to be a pivotal factor. Our ...
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Evaluating Segment Profit and Losses Measures for Investment Decision Making
Unlike GAAP earnings, which can be subject to management discretion and various accounting adjustments as stated in this paper, an emphasis on #freecashflow in investment decision-making can lead to more accurate assessments of company performance, intrinsic value, and fu...
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Exploring Expected Returns: Insights from the Alternative Three-Factor Model
Investors are always seeking to unravel the drivers that underlie equity price and stock performance. Several models have been developed over time trying to solve the puzzle. The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) published by Sharpe (1964) and Lintner (1965), and...
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